4kq strut brace

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Thu Jan 11 17:18:18 EST 2007

> I'm sorry to email you directly, but I joined this list in order to 
> try to find a front strut brace for my '85 4000 Quattro, and to have
>  some sort of reference for technical questions.

The strut brace that was stock on the 20v (?) 90Q will fit the type 85
(cgt, 4kq etc.) cars, as I have seen some do.  The odds of finding an
old Sparco or somesuch brace used/NIB are pretty slim, I suspect.

But the 90Q parts are not very expensive - a bar, two plates to weld to
the strut towers, two plastic end caps, and some hardware store bolts.
Not sure what the part numbers might be.  Oops, found the data.  This
info is about 6 years old.

bar			8A0 805 645 A	34.95
left bracket		8A0 805 635 B	14.18
right bracket		8A0 805 636 B	14.18
bar caps		8A0 805 963 (2)	1.65

Here is one being installed on my 89 90Q:


> I have tried to have my "question" posted to the group, but it never
>  makes it.

Then you need to figure out why.  Apparently your attempts to post are 
bouncing.  You could try using a different email address, or write the 
admins to see if they can help, have suggestions, etc.

> What it really boils down to is that I need some kind of answer- if 
> this is "the" Audi discussion group, I don't understand why someone 
> can't just answer my question, or school me a bit, instead of just 
> snubbing me.

It's hard to ignore or snub a post that never gets seen.  But do 
remember, some questions simply don't get answered, if no one knows the 

> I guess if I don't get an answer I'll know what's really
> up with the whole Audi scene.

Yeah, there you go.  Well, whatever you do or wherever you go, don't be 
so grumpy before you even succeed at "joining".  There's not much of a 
"scene" here, but there are a lot of people intimately familiar with 
your car.

Huw Powell



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