Brake Balance

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Thu Jan 11 20:51:23 EST 2007

What does he want to know? How to subscribe and thus post? Where to get 
a strut brace (make one!)?
On Jan 11, 2007, at 1:55 PM, Taka Mizutani wrote:

> Can someone help this guy out?
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> Hello-
> I'm sorry to email you directly, but I joined this list in order to 
> try to
> find a front strut brace for my '85 4000 Quattro, and to have some 
> sort of
> reference for technical questions. I have tried to have my "question" 
> posted
> to the group, but it never makes it. I have searched the archives
> extensively to no avail. I think the term "archives" applies only in 
> the
> loosest of definitions.............
> I know that I'm not really using the correct "nomenclature" for my car 
> (I'm
> not sure what the correct name is {type 85??}, but I guess that makes 
> me an
> ignorant Audi dork of some sort not worthy of a reply), but I'm still 
> into
> my car. No, it's not turbo, no, I don't own 6 Audis, I haven't spent 
> $50,000
> on my car, no I don't know the "real" name of the car, or what they 
> call it
> in Europe or whatever. I still have the whole front end of my car 
> apart,
> motor/transmission out, and the cylinder head is in Germany for some
> "special" work. What I'm saying is that I'm still into my car, if I'm 
> a bit
> of a neophile.
> What it really boils down to is that I need some kind of answer- if 
> this is
> "the" Audi discussion group, I don't understand why someone can't just
> answer my question, or school me a bit, instead of just snubbing me.
> I guess if I don't get an answer I'll know what's really up with the 
> whole
> Audi scene.
> Thanks in advance.
> Ron Hollaender
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> Grant-
> I know that you're doing more like 80-90% of the braking in the front.
> However,
> the initial brake drag on the rears is a characteristic of most 
> VW/Audi cars
> running
> Bosch 5.1 and newer, exactly how I described.
> If you "drive it like you stole it" all the time, then you would not 
> see
> this phenomenon,
> but I don't know too many people that do that.
> When you mention your S4 and S6, both of those cars have the 
> Lucas/Girling
> 4-pad,
> 2-piston caliper setup. I don't know how that factors in, all of the 
> cars I
> was talking about
> are single-piston setups. Maybe the cars with the big brakes act a 
> little
> differently.
> The brake proportioning is conducted via the ABS system, all the time- 
> at
> least that is
> my understanding of the system, although I could very well be wrong.
> I did not see anything like this on my 5ktq or 200q, both pre-5.1 
> systems. I
> have only noticed
> the high rear brake pad wear on VW/Audi cars with 5.1 or 5.3 ABS.
> I will have to see what comes of the V70R which also has a Bosch brake
> system, I think-
> I haven't really been under the hood of that car very much. I know 
> that the
> front pads in
> the V70R were fairly worn in 19k miles, the rears look fine. Maybe 
> Volvo
> does not spec
> a calibration like VW. All 4 wheels dust an insane amount on the Volvo,
> though, so the rears
> are definitely doing something even in everyday driving. Either that, 
> or
> having 4 piston brakes
> all around with huge rotors and pads simply makes a ton of dust.
> Taka
> On 1/10/07, Grant Lenahan <glenahan at> wrote:
>> Not my experience, although the explanation sounds a little plausible 
>> -
>> but only up to a point. Read on.
>> However, on more serious braking, ABS cannot do what you say and still
>> have the car brake effectively.  braking grip is proportinal to 
>> weight.
>> Weight in an Audi, on deceleration, will probably be 70% of more to 
>> the
>> front.  QED.
>> Grant
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