Brake Balance

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Fri Jan 12 09:58:33 EST 2007

Sorry, I guess I missed the change.

The allroad originally had the same brakes as the S4 and the A6 2.7T. I
they changed to the brakes from the A6 3.0 as a running change.


On 1/12/07, Chris Newbold <chris at> wrote:
> On 1/12/07, Taka Mizutani <t44tqtro at> wrote:
> > Allroad and the S4 have the same generation brake system. Heck, they
> have
> > the same
> > brakes.
> Almost, but not quite. They've got the same rotors on the front, but
> the S4 has the funky two-piston, four-pad calipers while the allroad
> has more conventional single-piston, two-pad calipers. On the rear,
> the S4 has ventilated rotors while the allroad uses solid rotors...
> The use of single-piston front calipers on the allroad might have been
> a running change during production, since I had originally thought
> that they used exactly the same bits as on the S4...
> I'm picking nits, but... :)
> -Chris
> 2001.5 S4 Avant 6spd
> 2004 allroad 2.7T

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