NAC: Assistance with motorcycle needed in SE Virginia

David Ullrich david.ullrich at
Wed Jan 17 09:57:54 EST 2007

Hey all,

So, time for me to bite the bullet and get my first bike. I want to get a
small cruiser as my first bike, something old/used so when I drop it (and I
know I will), its no big deal. Now here's the thing...I've never ridden least not a real motorcycle...plenty of scooters and mopeds and
I'm an active moutian biker and used to be active on the quaterpipe so
2-wheeled is not unfamiliar. And from what others have said, if you can
drive a stick shift car and a can ride a motorcycle.

So, with all that in mind...when I get my beater bike....any experienced
riders willing to help teach me? None of my friends ride or I'd ask them,
and the next safety class isnt until March...I WILL TAKE IT THEN, but want
to start learning sooner and begin practicing on local slow roads and
parking lots so Im not a total boob in class...and I've got the itch bad and
don't really want to wait until late March. lol HELP?

87 Coupe GT 2.3
Portsmouth, VA

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