NG with blown head long can it run like that?

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Don't press your luck.  This is likely putting additional pressure on coolant
system - hoses, heater valve, reservoir, etc.  Even if the engine runs fine,
what is likely to happen is one of these* will blow when the engine is hot
resulting in rapid and catastrophic loss of coolant.  Then not only would you
be stranded, but also have a warped head and blown *parts.  It is best to pay
to have this done ASARP and not risk a much more expensive incident.


If you need to take it somewhere, monitor everything as you go and stop
periodically to check.  Carry lots of coolant with you.  If the coolant is
getting low keep it topped off and don't add coolant if the reservoir is
empty, but wait for it to cool down.  Remember - system under pressure, so you
may need to device a way to do this safely.    Hot wire the fan on (can use
relay) - this will keep the system on the cool side and avoid overpressure.  


If you can bear it - run the heater on high.  You may be able to run a fair
ways like this to bring to someone to replace the gasket.  Again - don't do
anymore  driving than prudent and certainly not to bring to shows or long
distance  - you would just be asking for trouble, as the problem you describe
will only get worse.


Also, check that coolant is not getting in the oil, as this will only result
in lubrication problems.




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Hey all,


As I mentioned a while back, I am going to do the BABE Rally in May and am in
search of a car. I have found a 1988 80q  for sale that just might fit the
bill. But, and this might be a big apparently has a blown head
gasket. It blows white smoke and uses a bit of coolant. My long
can a NG take that kind of abuse (being run/driven with a bad head gasket)? No
sign of fluid mixing (like no oil in the coolant and no coolant in the oil)
according to the current owner. The reason I ask is I would just run as is and
not try to mess with it. I would barely be able to get the car for the max I
am allowed to spend on my "race car" so doing mechanical repairs wont likely
be possible (unless somebody local is willing to donate the labor and I buy
the gasket, I'm a terrible wrench and wouldn't even try to do it myself). SO,
anyone care to chime in on the idea of running an NG with a bad head gasket?
Suicide? Car needs to make it from where it is bought, to Baltimore MD (or
Norfolk VA) then in May from there up to NYC May and down to New Orleans.





87 CGT 2.3]

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