Side-mirror - peeling issues

Richard van der Hoff quattro at
Wed Jan 17 20:39:49 EST 2007

David Kase wrote:
> Now as far as solutions, I think you can just replace the glass.   This 
> must be difficult (impossible?) as Blau sells overlays for this very 
> problem.  The overlay is a mirror cut to the same dimensions as the 
> stock piece.  You just glue it on top of the "stained" one.  The mirror 
> heating is damped quite a bit but at least it is clear.

I never saw this problem on my '91 coupe - but then I didn't tend to 
leave the defroster on too long.

I did, however, smash the mirror glass at one point, and bought a 
replacement (at some expense - £80 or so iirc) from the stealer. 
Subsequently, the electric mechanism broke, and I repaired that by 
buying an entire mirror housing on ebay, which came complete with a good 
mirror glass for considerably less than the new mirror. Having just 
looked through my box of spares, it looks like I've thrown the spare 
glass away since selling the car. <sigh> - sorry.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, try ebay; else the dealer will sort 
you out for a price.



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