radiator end cap plastic repair

David Ullrich david.ullrich at gmail.com
Fri Jan 19 08:16:40 EST 2007

Just a thought...but can you access the crack/leak from the inside? If so,
do an inside patch, that way the pressure helps keep it sealed rather than
trying to push the seal out.

87 CGT 2.3

On 1/19/07, Scott Phillips <Scottp at ippe.com> wrote:
> Not sure if the area around the crack can be scuffed, enough to provide a
> sealer a place to bond to. but JB weld makes a waterproof epoxy, in stick
> form that you mash together to activate the epoxy. Then you can mold it into
> place.
> As for pressure, I'm using it to repair a couple of holes in the rear
> muffler of my V8Q, and with the hot/cold and pressure that's in there (can't
> imagine it's more then 5-6 psi..similar to a cooling system), it's held with
> no problems. Might be worth a try.
> Wal-Mart $4 bucks..or any FLAPS.
> HTH..
> Scott '90 V8Q x2
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