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Hello all,

For 1986 Type 44 driver's sunvisor with sunroof: The sunvisor doesn't stay
in the fully up position, sunvisor hangs down about 1 cm from headliner. Any
solutions? The passenger sunvisor is OK!


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> > i called my audi dealer and they want like $15 each for CGT sunvisor
> > clips
> I paid $16 for a pair back in '97, but our local dealer cuts us a break
> on parts.  New ones are very nice.
> > every 4000 ive seen in the junkyard has perfect sunvisor clips. what
> > kind of bizarre self destructing plastic did audi use for the CGT
> > sunvisor clips, and why on earth did they make them different from
> > the 4000 ones?
> All plastic has a finite lifespan.  Those clips are in a tough location,
> high stress, etc.  In that area the 4000 and coupe are completely
> different anyway (electric versus manual roof, different windshield
> rake, etc.)
> > im determined to find some affordable replacements..  some people
> > talk about a "retrofit" clip..indicating its from some different make
> > or model... anyone know what other clips work?
> Why not ask those "some people" what they used?  Or are they just
> My gut feeling is that virtually any clip from any vehicle could be
> "retrofitted" as long as it grabs the visor with the right tension.
> You'd just have to make your own screw holes.
> Remember the clips also (as I recall...) provide an electrical
> connection and passive switching for the vanity mirror lights.
> > alternately, like i asked the other day, in my junkyard travels i
> > found a '86 4000cs quattro in a junkyard with the
> > MFD/computer/digital clock under the tach, and the switch on the
> > right of the cluster under the hazard switch.
> >
> > just wondering if this is retrofittable into a car with the analog
> > clock?
> No btdt, but *if* the wiring is already in the car, it should be easy.
> If it's not, it would be a nightmare to get the trip computer working.
> However, since in the 4000 it is also the clock, which should only need
> power and ground, you might be able to put that in, get it working and
> leave it alone.  Personally I like the analog clock; I also like the
> 4000 style TC that includes a clock.  I deleted the TC on my 90Q because
> there was nothing on it I wanted to monitor all the time.
> As far as whether you can expect the harness to be in there, I think the
> outlook is poor.  I seem to recall someone reporting years ago that the
> TC harness is separate from any other, so it wouldn't be installed by
> default in a car that doesn't have one.
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