two questions -- 2004 S4 Convertible

Robert Myers bob at
Mon Jan 22 08:45:11 EST 2007

Hey, you're concerned about features not failures.  ;-)  Those fine 
"Sherman Engineers" (tm) believe that you are in the car to drive - 
not drink coffee or talk on a telephone or listen to a radio.  Until 
recently cup holders were not even included in Audis.

At 08:05 AM 1/22/2007, Dan DiBiase wrote:
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>Mark Vallaster <markvallaster at> wrote: Hello everyone - 
>new to the list.
>  I've had my 2004 S4 for almost a year now - by far the best car 
> I've ever had.   I have two questions I thought this group could help me with.
>  First, I'm thinking of adding a Bluetooth adapter to the car - one 
> that is integrated with the stereo to create a speaker phone 
> setup.  Has anyone put one of these in an audi similar to 
> mine?  I've looked at the Motorola products.     Do any of them 
> have better noise dampening than others?
>  Second, and a small but annoying thing, this car has, by far, the 
> worst cup holder in the front dash that I've ever seen.  It's a 
> slanted setup that won't hold anything steady - even a coke 
> can.    I asked my dealer if there were any options that he knew of 
> and he said no.
>Good q's, I'm looking forward to the answers. Re: the cupholder, you 
>neglected to mention the 'auto-cooling' feature - the placement in 
>front of the center vents cools nice hot coffee down quickly! And 
>the 'radio lubrication feature', in which anything sitting in the 
>cupholder that sweats (like a cold drink during the summer) creates 
>a nice drip directly onto the radio!
>Dan D
>'04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
>Central NJ USA
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