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Others have already pointed out the dangers to the radio in user that cup holder. Mine held things pretty well though (tall bike water bottle, stainless steel thermos...). There should be a spring loaded flap that braces and holds various sized containers. Mine broke off recently and now it doesn't hold anything well. Maybe yours too? Otherwise I guess you'll have to stick to using the holders in the center arm rest (assuming the S4, like the A4, has those).

There's an article on bluetooth (for the B5) that may apply:


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  Hello everyone - new to the list.

   I've had my 2004 S4 for almost a year now - by far the best car I've ever had.   I have two questions I thought this group could help me with.

   First, I'm thinking of adding a Bluetooth adapter to the car - one that is integrated with the stereo to create a speaker phone setup.  Has anyone put one of these in an audi similar to mine?  I've looked at the Motorola products.     Do any of them have better noise dampening than others?  

   Second, and a small but annoying thing, this car has, by far, the worst cup holder in the front dash that I've ever seen.  It's a slanted setup that won't hold anything steady - even a coke can.    I asked my dealer if there were any options that he knew of and he said no.  

   Thanks in advance for any help or advice.  


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