'91 200tq20v instrument cluster issues (how odd,lol)

Steve Sears steve.sears at soil-mat.on.ca
Thu Jan 25 09:41:59 EST 2007

I was thinking the same thing as Huw - it sounds like the problems I had 
with my Type 43 5k - occasionally the cluster would flash with the turn 
signals - turned out (both times it happened) to be corrosion in the 
bumper-mounted turn signal.
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>> Ok the boss' '91 200tq20v cluster has been acting up for a while now,
>> and since we have the head off and are slow in the shop he asked me to
>> take a look. Everythings fine until you turn on the lights. Parking
>> and/or headlights on cause the symptoms. The turn signals both glow
>> dimly constantly, if you turn on a turn signal (either direction) the
>> indicator on the dash flashes between proper brightness and the dim,
>> and the other turn signal flashes also in the exact oposite pattern.
>> Also the clock will slowly dim out and back in in sync with the turn
>> signal flashing. Activating the high beam will only very very dimly
>> light the corresponding indicator, and here again the clock will
>> slowly fade away as you hold the high beams on. Move the headlight
>> stalk to the off position and everything goes back to working as new,
>> even the high beam indicator.
> Do the lights on the outside of the car all work right, and it's just a
> dash problem?  If these problems are also occurring "outside," I'd check
> grounds for the various bulbs and wires in any flexible looms (trunk 
> lid?).
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