I know some Audis can have a lot of interior space....

Snoopy snoopy at noway.lt
Sat Jan 27 04:48:26 EST 2007

> ALMATY: Kazakh border guards arrested a man trying to smuggle 500  parrots in
> his car from neighbouring Uzbekistan, media reported today.  
> "Border guards discovered a live cargo of 500 parrots in his car," Kazakhstan
>  Today news agency quoted a KNB security service official as saying.  
> It was unclear how the parrots fitted into the Kazakh man's Audi. Trade in
> wild parrots is banned around the world, according to the UN Convention on
> International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora."  

In my country (Lithuania) the type44 Audi 100 avant quattro is widely
used by cigarette smugglers. They remove everything from the interior
except driver's seat, do some welding on critical points, and off they
go :) The smugglers claim that "it's fast, reliable, spacious, and
very good on offroad". Recently they started using Subaru Legacy wagon
versions too, probably for the same reasons. Sometimes they even try
to ram border patrol's Land rovers and L200's with those beasts :)


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