Need help with Seat memory programming !!!

Bing at
Sat Jan 27 22:53:26 EST 2007

I recently put on the my my 98' A8, My wife being 6 in. shorter than me its
a pain to move seat and wheel every time i drive..No manuals in glove box
and  manuals for urS4 are in NJ with its car..Some things happened in the
past few weeks !!! Steering wheel no longer retracts when key removed and
P0442 code for evap cannister led me to fail my inspection..I know what it
looks like but WHERE IS IT ????Passenger wheel well?? and what has a
tendency to fail on them???

'01 A4 2.8QM 30v
'98 A8 4.2Q
'93 ur//S4
82 valves :-)

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