Waxy Anti-rust Spray-On?

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Yes, those are the photos I had seen!  Forgot that I had recently visited Martin's webpage.  Original "Cosmoline" 
is pretty inexpensive ($4.25 per 12 oz can) while Waxoyl or the Wurth equivalent is probably more in the range of 
$15 to $20 for the equivalent size.  I will make sure to get Waxoyl or equivalent for my upcoming project.


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On Jan 27, 2007, at 4:12 PM, Bob Gregory wrote:

Thanks Huw.

That got me back on the trail - "Waxoyl" is what I was trying to find, and at Moss Motors.  Searching on cosmoline gets many, many sources.

Bob Gregory

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 About a week ago I surfed my way onto some information about a 
yellowy, waxy spray-on material that was used to prevent rust on 
someone's Audi after just doing a suspension rebuild/refurbish.  Now 
I don't know where I found it

Under the thread "Waxy Anti-rust Spray-On?" I saved these bits and pieces:

1) That coating is Cosmoline, available in liquid or spray.

2) Wurth makes a similar product that is available in spray cans.

3) Sorry forgot to include the website http://www.mossmotors.com/

4) try this:

Hope one of these helps... there may have been more if you search out 
the whole thread.

Huw Powell



Here's a picture of what you want courtesy of Martin Pajak. I'm pretty sure this is the Wurth stuff. http://www.quattro.ca/19874kq/87-4kq.htm

I never got a chance to reply to whomever posted that the stuff we are seeking is cosmoline. I know cosmoline and this isn't it. Cosmoline is much too soft. It's meant for coating bare metal machined parts so that they can be stored and shipped without rusting, not for use in engine bays and on suspension bits.

 Roy Wendell
erwendell at mac.com
Too many type 44 tq
A pair of MR2s


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