Alternative to pricey Fuel Accumulator?

Tony Hoffman auditony at
Sun Jan 28 14:15:57 EST 2007


The purpose of the fuel accumulator, in conjunction with the fuel pump check
valve, is to maintain pressure in the fuel system when the pump is not
running. Otherwise, you will have a very bad case of vapor lock, and have a
hard time starting the car wfter about 10 minutes of sitting. Ask me how I
know :(

It is a simple diaphram and spring inside, so there is little to go wrong.
You can check for a bad diaphram by looking on the end without the lines,
there is a small screw. If there is evidence of liquid being there in the
past, the diaphram leaks. They should be the same for nearly any CIS Audi, I
don't think I've ever seen any difference from the Foxes all the way to the
1991 200.

Tony Hoffman

On 1/28/07, Adam A. Luy <Adam at> wrote:
> Hello All,
> $220 for the fuel accumulator on my '83 CGT....ouch.  Haven't pulled it
> yet, but feels like there is a little nob/nub on the top that fuel is
> spraying out of. Looks like it's the same part for all 80-84 (maybe longer)
> 4000/CGTs.
> Thanks in advance!
> -Adam

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