Monkey lads at it again

Huw Powell audi at
Sun Jan 28 14:50:15 EST 2007

> Why do you return to places with monkey lads?
> No trusted shops in the area?

For one thing, NTB is open on the weekend.  I try not to ask my neighbor 
to walk over to his shop and open it up just so I can fix some tire 
thing on Sat/Sun.

The last thing I had them do (on a weekend) was put a used tire on a rim 
that had a trashed tire on it for my then GF.  Work done promptly with a 
smile and - free of charge.

>> Caveat emptor noted, of course, but one thing I like about NTB is that
>> they let you hang out near the work being done.
>> Any place like that, has to sort of "bottom feed" for employees - as in,
>> real "techs" get jobs at real car repair places.  So they are the place
>> where either kids "learnin' the biz" or "old timers sick of the biz" 
>> end up.
>> I have monitored tire mounting work and an alignment job at my local
>> NTB, I always think it helps if you're there, and care - the "tech"
>> tries to do their best, to show off?  To be honest?
>> It's an art, of course, the balancing act between being a buddy and
>> being an a-hole.
>> I hope you also taught your son to loosen and re-torque lug nuts/bolts
>> after any "unsupervised" work on the wheels... and bought him a torque
>> wrench... another addict and troublemaker is born!

Huw Powell

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