Alternative to pricey Fuel Accumulator?

Huw Powell audi at
Sun Jan 28 19:54:53 EST 2007

>>> $220 for the fuel accumulator on my '83 CGT....ouch.

>> Ouch indeed, I thought they were more like $60.  Perhaps that is what
>> I paid at an aftermarket place versus dealer?

> Just looked it up on WorldPac.$298.43 list, $165.43 cost.

Wow... I know it is a different (but similar) part, but 6 years ago I 
installed an all-new fuel tray assembly for 391.92 - that's a new pump, 
accumulator, filter, two plastic lines, a few metal bracket parts, about 
7 rubber mount bushings and some stainless steel hardware.

I guess that's inflation for you...

Huw Powell

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