Trunk access in a Coupe with a broken cable

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at
Mon Jan 29 10:48:55 EST 2007

>So, it passed. Fist time in 6 years.  Time to go get it registered.
>I go to get the title I had put in the trunk with all my other
>receipts, flip the release lever on the door post and DANG
>IT!....trunk release is broken.  So, of course my manuals are safe
>and sound too in the trunk.  Anyone know where I should start?  Can I
>get to that lever through the interior panel or should I try to pull
>the rear seats to get to the trunk?   Serenity Now!!!!!

Mark, just remove the left rear interior panel, you'll have access to
the wire and the lever. It is easy to pull on the wire with a pair of
pliers. You won't have access to the trunk area from the rear seat
because there is a big obstacle, the fuel tank and the rear bulkhead



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