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I would caution you against mixing 2 Alpin with the m2 tires. You are overlooking or have not mentioned the age of the m2 tires. Once they start heat cycling, the tread rubber gradually hardens up. If you took a set of 4 new tires and used 2 of them for a few weeks and then stored all 4 tires away; 2 that were used along with the 2 unused ones; after 2 years you would see, more correctly feel a difference in how pliable the tread rubber is.  That is the point; unless these m2 tires are fresh this season; the grip difference to the other 2 new Alpins would be too great.  One axle will have great grip and the other less so.  You are either setting yourself up for a lot of oversteer or understeer when you are on slick surfaces.

Get a matched set of tires. I've ice raced and run ice trials for 30 years; so I have a little experience with snow tires.

Good luck
Greg Galinsky
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thejimrose <thejimrose at> wrote: thanks guys! correct that i did curb 2 on the same side, correct that
the m2 is directional, but im going to pull the tires off and have the
remounted on my stock 16's, so ill be able to put the 2 m2's on the
front or rear, and whatever new tire i get on the other end.

at this point it's looking like an artic alipn. really similar tread
pattern and some good deals out there. and available, which is a minor
miracle for late season snow tires.

anyone need a pair of borbet type r's? in great shape! =)

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