specs for control pressure regulator (warm up regulator) pressures at cold temps, MC engines

David Michael adavidmichael at gmail.com
Wed Jan 31 10:07:49 EST 2007


In my ongoing effort to debug my ailing 200qa, I measured the control
pressure at cold temps. Does anyone know what the specs are for 30 degrees?
The Bentley and the Alldata only give the specs for a narrow range that
starts at 68F.  I measured 20 psi, but if I extrapolate the Bentley/Alldata
curbes, I should be closer to 10psi. Is there a spec?

Thannks everyone


90 200 qa 200K
98 m3/4     92K
02 mcs      30K
07 EXL  0.017K  (blech)

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