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Tue Jul 3 01:20:02 EDT 2007

I had a '66 with AC, IIRC the original sticker price for AC was around
$300, and an extra $30 for tinted windows.  I don't think you could get
one without the other.  AC was definitely the most expensive option, even
more than the GT package.  

My current 66 has the "mighty" single barrel 200 six.  I should have kept
the running gear from my first one, that one rusted out from underneath
me, this po student at the time couldn't afford the pop rivets and sheet
metal to keep her together, I junked the stang and bought a Maverick for
$25.  No AC in the Maverick, but a nice 8 track.   ;-)

We come into the world naked, screaming and covered in blood. Why should
the fun end there?
MXHOWES at writes:
> Those of us with 80's Audi's know the three settings .... cool, 
> somewhat  
> cool and "is that just hot air"....
> Talking about auto AC, I remember seeing a very early Mustang at a 
> auto  show 
> with the original window sticker showing a ~$2700 base price for the 
>  car and 
> the "factory A/C option" was an additional ~$800! 
> I wonder how much the Packard option was.......

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