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That one is a bastardo....I don't know if it is a dissimilar metals thing or
what...but even replacing w/ new hardware, using anti-seize, and then taking
it out 6 months later...I still had to use lots of PB BLASTER and IMPACT GUN
to pound it aware this may mushroom the tip out a bit, requiring
you to replace the bolt. 

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I'm trying to get at the front cv joints on my '99 a6qa.  There's a nut (nut
1) and a bolt in the upper vertical member on the wheel bearing housing that
holds the 2 outer control arm ball joints. see image at:

Nut 1 is off,  the bolt is stuck,  I can't get it out.  Is this bolt
threaded into the the upper member,  or is it just rested in place?

I'd like to apply a little heat there but I'm concerned about the rubber
boots on the control arms. 


99 a6qa (green,  aren't most?)

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