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Talking  about auto AC, I remember seeing a very early Mustang at a auto  
with the original window sticker showing a ~$2700 base price for the   car 
the "factory A/C option" was an additional ~$800!  

About that time, I bought a "new" '64 Porsche SC. They hadn't been able to  
sell it and it had sat in the showroom for 18 months, so it was $3600.00. If I  
had wanted a/c (dealer installed in those days) it would have been $1200.00. 
Or,  1/3 of the price of the car.  I don't know if that was the "regular" 
price,  or if they were trying to make up their loss on the car. It was a 
complicated  system. Like the Corvair, the condenser sat under the air intake grilles 
in the  trunk lid.
For all of the legends about "hand built" Porsches, that was about the  worst 
car I ever owned. I think my Rover 2000TC outdid it.
Tom Faust

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