S6 no start

DGraber460 at aol.com DGraber460 at aol.com
Wed Jul 4 00:22:09 EDT 2007

Help! Today my 95 S6 threw me a bit of a curve.
I ran an errand from work about 3 miles (not even fully warm). When I came  
out of the store about 10-15 minutes later the car would crank and crank but no 
 fire. All the electrics worked fine. I jiggled every wire I could reach -  
no joy. Fiddled in the trunk a few minutes to see if I had any tools I could 
use  to diagnose. No luck. Tried to start again - no joy. Sat and waited a few  
minutes trying to think clearly and less emotionally to decide a  course of 
action. Tried it again and voila- fired up, and subsequently  started the 4 
remaining times to get me home. The only issues on the trip home  was an idle that 
was unstable. It would rise and fall from 400 to ~ 1300. It  never died but 
came very close. Unfortunately, I was unable to establish if it  was lack of 
fuel or spark.
I will try tomorrow to check for codes, but wandered if anyone has had  
similar experience and can point to a list of usual suspects 

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