NAC-Fighting a ticket

Brett Dikeman quattro at
Fri Jul 6 21:47:30 EDT 2007

On Jul 6, 2007, at 2:53 PM, lgregf at wrote:

> Looking for some help from the list as?I received a ticket for  
> going through a red light. Although it turned yellow once I entered  
> the intersection, it certainly did not become red.? Could not  
> convince the cop and I intend to fight the ticket.? Is this just a  
> question of he-said, I said?? Anybody have success fighting one of  
> these?? Cop was about 200 feet (still need to measure) away looking  
> at the front of the car, which is part of my defense.? I have never  
> gone through a red light in my life.

If it's a point against your license and going to influence your  
insurance rate, hire a lawyer who specializes in traffic cases; they  
can sometimes find technicalities, and the bump up in your insurance  
costs a lot more long-term than the (usually) fixed fee such a lawyer  
charges.  If not, it's not worth your time, most likely.


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