Cabriolet-fried relays? (x-posted)

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Sat Jul 7 20:51:58 EDT 2007

What year is the Cabriolet?

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Parts catalog indicates there is a fuse tray with some relays under the hood
just like your 200q20v.  Also shows additional relay holders, but doesn't
show where they are.  Maybe your owner manual specifies?  If not, probably
in the area in front of the driver seat, below the steering wheel, just like
your 200.

gsfent <gsfent at> wrote:  Went by the Cab today in the middle of
two weeks of downpours. Strange smell, like something burning. Get closer,
something running!! Turns out, both electic fans are turning! Car is off,
key nowhere near the car.
I assume one or more relays have gone bad (in part because of all the rain).
I undid the battery connection. Can someone point me to where the relays
might be so I can start pulling them and see which one(s) has fried? Thx
91 200tqa
97 Cab
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