NAC: Va Speeding Tax...oops, I Meant Ticket

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Mon Jul 9 20:13:29 EDT 2007

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> What the new law does is target the people who already has points.  
> I believe it's 8 points.

The points system is laughable.  I received a speeding ticket earlier  
this year; my third since I started driving (in '95.)  But, because  
of no-front-plate ticket and an invalid inspection sticker ticket in  
the last year or two, it pushed me past the "bad boy" points-per-year  
limit, and I had the pleasure of sitting through a $100 mandatory  
course.  One of my classmates was the owner of a Bentley Continental  
GT who got pulled over doing triple digit speeds, and I don't mean  
101, I mean more like 150; he was racing a friend in a Lambo.  A few  
people in the class didn't speak English, and had friends along to  
translate.  How the hell are you allowed to drive if you can't speak  
the language the signs are written in?!

The whole "course" was hilarious; it's chock full of the usual blind  
logic of "antisocial behavior" (like blipping your throttle at the  
stop light) = speeding = death, doom, destruction, and the devil  
himself.  And of course the problem isn't running red lights,  
violating basic traffic rules, yakking on your cell phone,  
tailgating, or anything like that.  It's speeding, speeding,  
speeding, speeding.  Speeding causes death!  Speeding causes underage  
sex!  Speeding causes drug use!  Speeding causes EVERY motor vehicle  

Funny that the last thing I hit was a deer back in '99, and I was  
doing the speed limit at the time.  My car has had four top-to-bottom  
checkovers for track events and said events have made me a more  
capable, safer driver than 98% of the people on the road with me.  I  
drive a car probably worth less than half of the cheapest new car on  
the market.  Yet because of all the points now, my insurance is  

Yes, I'm done now :-)


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