NAC: Va Speeding Tax...oops, I Meant Ticket

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Tue Jul 10 07:54:20 EDT 2007

The whole speeding ticket thing is to increase revenue- that's why there are
plain speeding tickets and then there are reckless driving tickets and/or
racing tickets.

The latter are the guys who are often the dangerous drivers.

IME, the DA is generally amenable to dropping your points, the fine always
stands unless you have a lawyer that's "in the system" and that usually only
works in big cities.

I just got tagged this past weekend- the trooper was not mad at me for
speeding, nor did he berate me. The only thing he said to me besides my
speed is "doesn't really work too well, does it?" while smirking and
pointing at my V1. Laser is pretty much impossible to detect in enough time
to give you decent warning.

At least in Jersey, it seems like the threshold is about 90- under that, you
usually just get a ticket. Above that, you get yelled at.

I think my next fast car is going to get a flat black paint job.

BTW, if you read the article that was linked earlier, AAA's insurance arm
was a major factor in getting that legislation passed. Due to that, I'm
seriously considering dropping AAA and switching to someone else. Same
reason I won't buy GEICO insurance.


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