A4 trip computer lights fade

MXHOWES at aol.com MXHOWES at aol.com
Sun Jul 15 09:38:08 EDT 2007

.............I know that's more info than help, but you're not alone,  and 
maybe that's of 
some consolation!............

That is not what I wanted to hear, I guess I will live with it until  someone 
comes up with a fix without replacing the cluster. Too bad Audi can't  fix a 
problem like that sooner, my '85 4KQ's trip computer shows the same  info
rmation and you can still read it after 22 years. The only thing that really  
bothers me is that the
trip display in my '98 also is the display for some of the idiot lights, no  
display=no oil pressure warning (except for 3 beeps). The Germans must not 
think  oil pressure is very important anyway, not important enough to give you a 
gauge  in the first place (never could figure that one out).
'98 A4 Avant  Q
''88 80Q
'85 4KQ

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