Help ident. an engine / KH vs. MC

Cody Forbes cody at
Sun Jul 15 19:44:08 EDT 2007

> The KH has hydraulic lifters, even though it has a coolant pattern
> similar to the older solid lifter blocks. It's just as good as an MC,
> but the  pistons are a bit smaller. Compression is about 8.3:1, so
> it's a little better off the line.   
> -Ameer

Any clue if the intake manifold can exchange with an MC? I'm considering dropping the KH in my 5ktq for a short time while I build up another MC. I uh sorta melted a bit of the block thats currently in the car.. ;-). If I can bolt up an MC oil filter housing and intake I'll be set.

-Cody Forbes
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