Changing PS fluid

George sidman at
Sun Jul 15 20:35:06 EDT 2007

Al:     I have been driving a '91 200 20vt since new and went through this
issue a couple of times, by using a turkey baster to suck the old fluid out
of the reservoir - not a very effective solution.  So a few years ago I cut
the hose, at the lowest point, that goes from the bottom of the reservoir
forward to the pump, and inserted a tee with a short length of hose and a
brass valve. It hangs just below the sub-frame, so when I want to drain the
PS fluid I open the valve.  By hand rotating the pump almost all the fluid
can be expelled.

The added bonus is that it appears that all the dirt in the system collects
in the short hose, so when I first open the valve a dirty plug comes out and
the rest is very clean. This may be why the present pump has over 200,000
miles on it.
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