Help ident. an engine / KH vs. MC

Cody Forbes cody at
Mon Jul 16 00:02:59 EDT 2007

> Ya, the intake manifold shouldn't be a problem. The manifold bolt
> pattern is the same. The KH has the MAT sensor in the manifold rather
> than the intercooler. I'm pretty sure the oil filter housing will
> swap too. You need a 32mm(?) socket to undo the KH housing. Then just
> use a bolt through the oil passages of the stud to give you something
> to grab on to. I'm pretty sure the bolt for the MC uses the same
> thread as the stud.      

Awesome, shouldn't be much hassle. My MAT/IAT sensor is in the modded throttle body (EFI remember), so no issues there. 

> How the hell did you melt the block? I did the same to my pistons. I
> can see that, but melting the block... that's pretty good! 

Lunched the head gasket and it chewed away a bit of the block between cyl 3 and 4, took out the #4 piston too. Head got beat up pretty bad too, but it's salvagable.

Was using the AAN steel gasket, and my o-ringed block, but the head warped (ten thou, ouch) I believe after a bout with overheating a few months ago. It took a good long hard 3rd, 4th and 5th gear pull @ 2.0bar to do this damage, which happened @ arround 5,500rpm in 5th gear while chasing a very nice S4tt. The head gasket was also leaking between 1-2 and 4-5, so basically all 5 pistons are no good.

The new build is looking to be another block, machined to <30ra, the cylinder head machined to the same, and a custom MLS head gasket with gas filled o-rings. Guna take a little bit to get everything done and the old lady wants her car back, which is why I was thinking of running the KH for a bit. 

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