Changing PS fluid

john at john at
Mon Jul 16 21:01:59 EDT 2007

Huw Powell wrote:

>>>> I want to change the fluid, but I am not sure how to drain the old 
>>>> fluid.
>>>> Any BTDT would be appreciated.
>>>> 1990 80 non-Q, 2.0L, 4 cyl..
>> Good plan, Al!  The fluid gets nasty and carries a lot of abrasive 
>> particles in suspension.  Get all the old fluid out of the reservoir 
>> by pulling the supply hose off the pump.  Reinstall the hose, put a 
>> big pan under the rack, loosen the return fitting on the rack, and 
>> let whatever comes out leak away, fill the reservoir, and start the 
>> engine with that fitting still loose.  I'd run at least 2 litres of 
>> fluid through it.  Tighten the fitting and top off the reservoir.  
>> Kinda messy, but it works.  Properly dispose of the fluid.  John
> Thanks for saving me the typing, John.  I would add one thing - if 
> you're nervous about pumping it dry, disconnect the coil and pump the 
> new fluid through using the starter only.  It goes pretty quickly.
> Oh, and shouldn't the rack be run (gently) lock to lock as well to 
> purge it?
Yup.  Left that part out, I guess, and  I'd use a second person to run 
the engine while I kept the reservoir full.  As the car in question has 
a more conventional setup, running it dry isn't the end of the world as 
we know it ....................... Bad habit, though.   John

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