'82 Coupe drum brakes

nick at beol.net nick at beol.net
Tue Jul 17 10:29:57 EDT 2007

I have a problem with the rear drum brakes on an '82 coupe.  Just replaced  
worn pads and leaking wheel cylinders.
The problem is they over-adjust almost immediately to the point of not  
releasing, dragging and overheating. Both sides.
It appears the adjusting mechanism is a spring loaded wedge the is  
supposed to go down an amount to take up travel as the shoes wear.  On  
this one the wedge will drop so much the shoes can't retract. I don't see  
what should keep the wedge from going to far all at once.

I'm old enough to have owned cars with drum brakes, even Audi's, and old  
enough to need to take apart only one side at a time so I can "stare and  
compare" on reassembly. I have a Bently also and pretty sure it is back  
together corectly.

In order to keep driving the car I removed the adjuster wedges, but this  
can't last forever.

Any BTDT on this will be appreciated.


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