B3 90q - Trunk/Boot Won't Unlock

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Sun Jul 22 00:47:59 EDT 2007

> You want some nomenclature fun, try Mercedes.  I've got a 124.193 body
> with a 603.960 engine, and ex V8Q lister Ed has a 124.034 with a 119.975
> engine, both type 124's.  4 matics get their own chassis numbers even if
> they have the same engine/body as a 2WD version.  The Germans and their
> damn need to organize everything.  The Bentleys are fine examples too,
> page D3.65.XX which comes after section 39.XX and before page 37.XX. 


I have a Chevy truck with a 350. Bang bang.

Huw Powell



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