knock, knock! Who's there?

Tess McMillan tessmc at
Sun Jul 22 11:56:08 EDT 2007

So what actually is a "knock"? 

How can you have a knock only at certain rpms?

In response to my query about a CEL that was going off (and which is no 
longer doing so), someone responded they thought I could have a faulty 
knock sensor. Would this by itself cause "knock"? What about if you've had 
cam modifications? The knock is about where the power band starts; beyond 
that, and below that, it is not present.

For some reason I thought poor gas caused knock.... The minimum I use is 
92, sometimes I'll opt for 100 when I can get it.

As usual, thanks for the education and advice &:-).


in Bellevue, WA USA

Det beror inte på vem du är; det beror bara på vad du gör.

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