Was B3 90q - Will now be 88 90q Trunk Won't Unlock

Bob Gregory rggpa1 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 23 12:19:47 EDT 2007

I was away for the weekend, have just read the thread generated.  Thanks to all who responded - using specific year and model does make sense; I will from now on.  88 90q has vertical gas tank, but there is a notch at the top for an optional (I don't have) ski sack.  Maybe there is room to Rube Goldberg a tool to reach in and pull on the latch.  Another lister has offered to take pix to help eval if this can be done.

The vacuum assist on the trunk failed years ago; at the time, common thought on the List was that the connecting rod gets buggered.  Never looked at it as the key always worked.  Regardless, the vacuum mechanism is in the trunk, so I can't mess with it.

Also the lock mechanism itself (behind the tail light key hole) is loose and flopping around, suggesting that it has broken off of its mount, and the connecting rod has jammed or is now completely disconnected.

So I have two options - reach in from the interior, or drill hole(s) behind the license plate -  Not great but better than none.

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