URQ Brake lights

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FWIW, my pedal switch has 12v (red with black trace) at one pole which seems to agree with Mr Bentley.


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> I disagree with the statement that no power should appear at the
> switch. With the switch open, the full voltage drop will appear
> across the terminals because it has infinite resistance.

Good point, a meter should show that, allowing a tiny drop for the 
resistance of teh bulbs themselves.

> This assumes that Huw is correct and the load (bulbs) are
> between the supply and the switch and not the more normal case where
> the load is between the switch and ground.

VAG seem to be big fans of switched grounds.  I actually worked out a 
reason why it's a good idea once, but promptly forgot it.

Anyway, the schematic is the #1 place to start.

Huw Powell


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