Help needed to re-install sensor on Audi 4000 CS Quattro

Huw Powell audi at
Tue Jul 31 01:10:29 EDT 2007

> It mounts to the rear of the valve cover. I've seen many of them just 
> hanging back there because of the same situation you just found yourself in. 
> No biggy to get back there and attach it. IIRC it is held on there by (2) of 
> the 10mm valve cover nuts.

And it is the sender for the after-run radiator fan.

>>Hi Everybody,
>>I have an 1986 Audi 4000 CS Quattro (with the red leather interior
>>that was included on the commemorative edition Audi) that I primarily
>>keep in storage and maintain as a collector car, as I have a lot of
>>sentimental attachment to it and want to continue to restore it.
>>A long time ago, I removed the value cover to re-paint it, and I
>>found out later that there was a sensor that I didn't re-install and
>>I don't have a manual or any guidance on which sensor it is or where
>>it goes to re-install it (when I did this valve-cover painting, I
>>didn't know nearly as much about cars as I do now, so my ignorance is
>>coming back to haunt me!)
>>I took pictures of the misplaced sensors and placed them on the web
>>in the hope that somebody from the digest could tell me what this
>>sensor is and how and where to re-install it!
>> 4000 Sensor_1.jpg
>> 4000 Sensor_2.jpg
>> 4000 Sensor_3.jpg

Huw Powell

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