[A4] OT: Mechanic in/near Yardley PA?

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Sun Jun 3 15:53:52 EDT 2007

On Jun 3, 2007, at 12:37 PM, Dan DiBiase wrote:

> It didn't have the Sport Package like my car, so it didn't handle  
> as well, but the ride wasn't tons better either. It also seemed  
> like an SUV with the non-Sport height..... And I did not like the  
> mating of the auto trans to the 2.0T. Felt like quite a bit of lag  
> off the line, regardless of which mode you are in. <Nit alert> I  
> didn't like the radio display - too busy, showing the names of the  
> stations next to the presets, and no 'number' for the volume, just  
> a bar. <End Nit Alert> Oh, and the steering wheel rim was too  
> small. ;-)

my '06 lacks the sport package and it's a bummer, as my '00 did
and it was like being on rails.  fling fling.  my '06 is a manual,
though i have taken out an A3 2.0 paddle shift as a service loaner
and that thing was RAD.

the radio/etc is busy, that's a problem with all modern cars.  we're
kinda screwed in that regard.

> OTOH, I DID like the power of the engine a LOT and it's convinced  
> me that I need to chip my car. And I do like the front-end styling,  
> although it seems like they've gotten rid of the headlight  
> washers.....

the washers are an option.  the front styling definitely grew on
me, and the rear especially.  love the taillights.

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