RS4 Cabs will be sold in the U.S.

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at
Wed Jun 6 16:47:09 EDT 2007

> Personally, I dislike the folding steel hardtops that are the current
> rage. They take up too much trunk space when folded and are just another
> complex system to go awry upon warranty expiration.
> Then again, I also drive British sportscars with horribly-designed
> tops....
> Dan D
Ditto for me. Drove a few CC cars (Coupé-Cabriolet in French language) and
while they are coupe-like quiet when closed, boy! are they tail heavy when
the top is down. In addition, they are usually b*tt-ugly because of all that
stuff that must be enclosed in the trunk. And a contrario to logic, top
closed do almost nothing for cowl shake or platform rigidity. All this
applies to the 4-passenger cars, not to the roadsters.

So I guess I'm happy that Audi is still producing nice cloth-top cars.

Who drove recently a C70, an Eos, a New Beetle CV, a PT Cruiser CV, a
Sebring CV and a Mustang CV, all in the same week. The XLR is next week. 

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