Family Album I need help with part no

Richard J Lebens rick-l at
Thu Jun 7 11:20:23 EDT 2007

See here for a picture and description

I also need the part number for the gasket to the throttle body/intake manifold since I took it off to clean the intake.

thanks in advance

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Open ETKA.
Double-click the Audi logo.
Click the "menu" icon (left-most icon on the second row of icons at the top
of the screen, looks like a grid with a scrollbar).
Click "sprachauswahl" (the bottom-most submenu).
Select your preferred language.



On 6/7/07, Kyle Ledford <kledford at> wrote:
> Running Family Album   the 7th  .. Did I miss something in it or all the
> names in German no matter what? I don't remember an option for English..
> Just curious my German is ok but not great when it come to specific part
> names.
> Kyle
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> 01 A6Q
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