AAA towing Quattro

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Jun 7 19:54:20 EDT 2007

> I'm trying to decide which flavor of AAA membership to buy in case I ever
> need the quattro towed in the unlikely event that I would ever need such a
> thing..... Regular vs the more expensive Gold.  If I buy Regular would I
> have to pay for flatbed towing?

Gold?  I'm used to AAA and AAA Plus.

"regular" gets you emergency service, and free tow to, usually, the 
place that owns the tow truck.

"Plus" gets you free tows up to 100 miles (you can pay per mile past 
that).  And is still only about $70 a year.  Plus a dozen offers of 
insurance for your trash each year.

Anybody not using a ramp truck these days shouldn't be touching *any* cars.

Last time I got my daily driver towed, when I picked it up, there was a 
guy at the lot showing off his new ramp truck.  The ramp was capable of 
rotating about it's axis, so the truck did not even have to be in line 
in front of or behind the subject vehicle.  Way cool.

Huw Powell

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