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> I'm trying to decide which flavor of AAA membership to buy in case I ever
> need the quattro towed in the unlikely event that I would ever need such a
> thing..... Regular vs the more expensive Gold.  If I buy Regular would I
> have to pay for flatbed towing?

Nope, they'll pick you up with equipment appropriate for the vehicle, which
is a car carrier in your case. Basically they're using carriers for 90% of
all work in our area. It cuts down on damage claims due to operator error
too, as well as being easier to train on. Note that these comments apply to
AAA company trucks, subhaulers are used at peak times and in outlying areas.
They're bound by agreement to AAA in terms of customer service and quality
of work, but not in equipment purchases. ie: if it was a short tow, a
subhauler could wheellift+dolly an Audi, but they're not likely too, since
we all want nice easy loads :)

Gold?  I'm used to AAA and AAA Plus.

"regular" gets you emergency service, and free tow to, usually, the
place that owns the tow truck.

"Plus" gets you free tows up to 100 miles (you can pay per mile past
that).  And is still only about $70 a year.  Plus a dozen offers of
insurance for your trash each year.

Anybody not using a ramp truck these days shouldn't be touching *any* cars.

Perhaps a sweeping statement, but I'll agree that the hook n go days are
gone. A basic wrecker is needed for uprighting/offroad recovery and other
jobs that a carrier won't do nicely/easily/willingly. You'll find at least
one carrier in most modern towing co's fleets. Almost all of AAA calls are
basic on road transport style tows.

Last time I got my daily driver towed, when I picked it up, there was a
guy at the lot showing off his new ramp truck.  The ramp was capable of
rotating about it's axis, so the truck did not even have to be in line
in front of or behind the subject vehicle.  Way cool.

Ah the new Danco rotating bed, cool, I saw one at the Baltimore trade show
this past year. Someone in NH got one? I'd be too scared of the turntable
maintenance, as well as the idea of winching off-angle from the trucks line.
But the industry trend is to try and cover more bases with less equipment. A
nice idea with most carriers in the 68k$ range these days, never mind the
fuel to run them. Most towers are pros with decent coin tied up in their
gear, and are happy to show them off to anyone interested!

Chris Semple
Concord NH
'03 Int'l 4300 w/21ft
   '96 Int'l 4400 w/18ft
      '04 F350 DRW + 53ft
         '02 F350 DRW + 20ft
            '84 4000q (that never needs to get towed) <knock wood>

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