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Fri Jun 8 01:29:46 EDT 2007

Nope.  Called the AAA 800 number and they sent who they sent.  We got to the
mechanics shop and the driver was on the phone with the AAA dispatch center.
I got on the phone and that's what they told me.  No police report, no tow
coverage.  I argued about "enforement" versus membership and customer
service, etc. and explained that the police just never showed up and I was
fine and there was no other property damage but my car and I sure didn't
feel like I needed any assistance and they would not drop my car until I
paid them for the tow.

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> > AAA.  They flatbedded it to my mechanics shop and them refused to 
> > cover the tow because there was no police report.  Cost me $120.   
> Huh?  I've NEVER had them even ask why I needed a tow.  They 
> just ask where are you and where are you going.  
> Did AAA flatbed it, or did you hire your own tow truck and 
> then try to get them to pay?  If you want/need a non-AAA tow 
> service, you HAVE to get it approved by AAA first, with a 
> confirmation number (they have terrible memories, and never 
> seem to find the authorization when you try to get 
> reimbursed...write it down and save it) otherwise they will 
> not pay for an unauthorized tow.  Unless it's a real 
> emergency, then they'll pay...BUT, you have to prove it, with 
> something like a tow drivers statement.....or maybe a Police Report.  
> State police from certain states (cough) do get a kick back 
> from certain tow if you're on the side of the 
> road and they roll up, they'll explain how dangerous it is 
> for you to sit there, way over on the side of the road 
> waiting for a AAA tow, they'll call "the company that usually 
> tows this area" to get you to a safe area as soon as 
> possible, then give you a preprinted police report with the 
> date and location filled in to submit to AAA, but you didn't 
> hear that from me, and there
> is NO such thing as a ticket quota either....   ;-)
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