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I think I was told recently it was 4 tows per year... as before my most recent A6 purchase.. I had loaned my SUV to the fiancée and was driving my truck (94 Chevy 2500  hate that on a 62 mile one way commute) anyway there were clutch issues and I nor the mechanic could figure it out..l they fix and it quit... always seemed to happen when I got to work..  So in a matter of 2 1/2 weeks I used 3 of my four tows..  and that 2/4 ton truck is not something you can just start up and shift.. so I was stuck...  

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Seems to me that "Plus" gets you more tows. I think it is 5 per year. I  
believe "regular" is three tows. I learned this when I had a rusty gas tank in  my 
Scirocco 16V.
Tom Faust

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