83 Urq tranny compatibility w/4kq?

Vittorio Bares Vittorio.Bares at nuance.com
Mon Jun 11 08:13:02 EDT 2007

Thanks for the info. 

I did end up picking up an 84 4kq tranny. I found another small
difference, which is the center diff locking mechanism on the earlier
4kq's was cable driven, not vacuum. This requires building a bracket.

We built one that would just keep the center diff locked always - its
removable in case we ever find the need.

Vittorio Bares
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You basically covered it nicely.
The only other difference is that the 4kq tranny has small output
while Ur-q has the large ones, but that's just a matter of swapping out
your original.  Also, starting '84 the bellhousing has a notch to clear
new style MC/3B/AAN flywheel sensors.

Hope this helps.

Martin Pajak


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Swappable, sure. Physically at least.

But there is some difference:

- Final drive ratio, 3.89 for the urQ, 4.11 for the 4kq.
- Some gears are different, as the 1983 urq has very short first and
gears, then a hole, then 3-4-5 are closely spaced. To resume, urq 1983's
6 speed gearbox missing the 3rd... 4kq are better, more envenly spaced.

I forwarded this message to Martin Pajak, he's THE reference for this
of question.

Martin ?

1983 Quattro

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> Does anyone know what the differences between the 83 Urq and the 84
> tranny's are?
> Are they compatible (swappable?)
> Thanks,
> Vittorio -

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