200 turbo exhaust

Kurt Deschler desch at alum.wpi.edu
Wed Jun 13 13:04:10 EDT 2007

I am running an aftermarket magnaflow glass-packed mid muffler with the 
stock rear muffler on my 5k and it sounds nice. I would recommend that 
brand. I would think that a glass-packed mid muffler and some kind of 
turbo muffler (dynomax, flowmaster, etc) in the back would sound nice. I 
would not suggest eliminating the mid muffler because you are more likely 
to end up with drones.


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> I heard what sounded like an exhaust leak in my '89 200 Q, and when I 
> looked underneath, I could see that one of the two rear mufflers was 
> starting to rot, and there were some small holes in the bottom.  I'm 
> thinking about cutting the rear section off, as the rest of the pipes 
> seem solid, and putting in a single aftermarket muffler. I also wouldn't 
> mid at all if I ended up with something a little more aggresive 
> sounding.  I assume someone out there has done this, so what mufflers do 
> you recommend, and what ones should I avoid.  Keep in mind this is a 
> low-budget project.
> Calvin

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