1990 A80Q steering fluid

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Fri Jun 15 17:48:39 EDT 2007

I use a small size turkey baster to suck the fluid out of the reservoir.  If you undo the Banjo bolt on the supply line to the pump, that'll drain the reservoir too.  I've never tried to flush the V8 system, but on the 200s, if you undo the return line from the rack to the reservoir, you can run the fluid into something like a coffee can while pouring new into the reservoir to flush.  On the 200s, of course, they used a "normal" hose clamp.  The V8s have those awful crimped hose clamps.
  If you don't like Pentosin, there are lots of Audifans folks using Mobil DTE 13M, Chrvron's Rykon Premium 32 and Shell's Tellus 32T as cheaper replacements.  I ran V8#2 all one winter with the Shell product because I needed the car on the road and didn't have time to reseal the pump.  I chose that because I could get a 5-gallon pail for about $40 from the local Shell distributor.  The local resellers (no close distributor) for Mobil would only order me a 55-gallon drum and it still would be about $8 a gallon.  No Chevron outlets in my part of the country.  Anyway, I started out just adding the Tellus 32T to the system as the Pentosin disappeared, and when I rebuilt the pump, I just drained what Tellus I could and refilled with Pentosin.  

Anthony Ander <aander at newsignal.com> wrote:

Time to change the steering fluid in my car.
Any recommendation as to the fluid, other than
the dealer stocked?

Also, where would be the best place to break the
line and drain it.

Tony Ander, Colorado

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