Brake Fluid Equalizer

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Calipers were changed 2 years ago, this mechanic may have done something to
the sliders to improve movement, mechanic did not mention anything about


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> Max,
> Ummm if the rears are only hitting the external face of the rotors the
> caliper sliders are binding and/or shot.  This needs to be fixed in
> to the proportioning valve.  As for the other mechanic not checking the
> brakes.... See "monkey lads" in any number of threads on Audifans.
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> Hi all,
> Just had the original brake fluid equalizer/proportioner [C$355] changed.
> Found in front of the left rear wheel.
> Anyone know what the equalizer has inside? Mechanic says equalizer was
> seized, practically only the front brakes were working. Anyone can give
> knowledge of the function of the equalizer? The car with the old equalizer
> was making boing-boing spring noises at the back, most noticeable in an
> underground garage. With the new equalizer very smooth, quiet boingless
> braking.
> The rotors in the back were rough, rusty on the inner surfaces. only the
> outer surfaces were touched by disc pads.
> Should the mechanic 3 weeks earlier who changed the front brake shoes
> and both front rotors, each C$140 have noticed that the equalizer was
> defective? The car was making rubbling noises when the brakes were applied
> after this service, with time I was aware that this noise was coming from
> the back, which prompted me to see my other mechanic.
> There has never been discussion of the brake fluid equalizer as far as I
> know in this group.
> It seems to me it might be a good idea to grease the shoulder joint of an
> equalizer to prolong its life.

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